The most asked for attribute that we are expected to bestow upon a custom car build is the adaptations of comfort. We are expected to put all the creature comfort in the custom car that the owners late model new car has. We find ourselves pushing the limit of engineering and design in almost every case to deliver what has been asked of us. This big 1948 Cadillac is no different, but refreshingly not over ambitious on what creature comforts are being added. We started with the foundation as expected by sliding an Art Morrison chassis under it. The chassis will insure it’s cornering manors are good without sacrificing cushy rideĀ  on the long hauls. The power train is without a doubt the right one for the job. No it’s not an over used, and would be expected, LS based engine from a new Caddy, but instead a real Cadillac engine. A 500 cubic inch torque monster that was designed to move the massive girth of the automobiles which carried the Cadillac crown back before Cadillac stopped making real cars.

This build is rolling along at a fever pitch now so keep checking back for further updates on this behemoth.