Our current projects

This slick black 1957 Chevy BelAir was built for the sole purpose to Cruise and Bruise. In other words it had to be able to cruise the highways in comfort, but when needed to, bruise the egos of those would be street adversaries who  dare challenge it…Read More

This tasty little Goat was brought to us just how it’s owner found it. Literally in pieces. The car had been disassembled for a couple of decades but looked to be all there and in good condition….Read more

More often times than not we are contacted by people who want us to restore or build a vehicle for them that has been in their family for years…Read More

This vehicle is a Custom 1946 Chevy Cab Over Engine or COE for short.  This one has been modified to a 4 door cab and is sitting on a 1 ton, Chevy dually chassis…Read more

The most asked for attribute that we are expected to bestow upon a custom car build is the adaptations of comfort. We are expected to put all the creature comfort in the custom car that the owners late model new car has. We find ourselves pushing the limit of engineering and design in almost every case to deliver what has been asked of us. This big 1948 Cadillac is no different…Read more

These are the projects we have finished and are back home with their owners.