More often times than not we are contacted by people who want us to restore or build a vehicle for them that has been in their family for years. Sadly sometimes these vehicles are in a very bad state of disrepair, but the sentimental value of the car out ways the cost of the build. This was the case with this 1964 Chevy Nova 2 door sedan. The car belonged to our customers wife and it was her first car. She learned to drive in the car and has managed to keep the car for all these years. The owners wife got the car from a farm where it had been used more like a truck than a car. The farmhands used the car to haul hey to the horses across the muddy fields of the farm. The car spent the next few decades slowly being ignored or looked over as it began to slowly waste away. That’s when the owner contacted us. This build was to be a birthday gift for his wife, resurrecting her first set of wheels to a beautiful head turner. This little Chevy II is going from Hauling Hay to the horses to Hauling Ass with 430 horses!