This tasty little Goat was brought to us just how it’s owner found it. Literally in pieces. The car had been disassembled for a couple of decades but looked to be all there and in good condition. After sending it out to be stripped that good condition prognoses fell to pieces as did the body.  The car was a true GTO convertible though and was worth saving. We re-floored the car as well as installed patches in the cowl and firewall from a donor car out west. The car was re-quartered and fitted to the refurbished stock chassis. Ride Tech suspension was added and the car got a re-spray of the factory Mayfair Maize paint. The original 389 3 deuce engine was gone through and the four speed made it’s way back behind the power plant as well. The addition of the Shott Accelerator wheels were a tasty choice and accent the car nicely.